Minecraft: Ageless Gaming

Personalized wallpaper using my Minecraft Skin from Miners Need Cool Shoes.

By now most people know what Minecraft is… mostly. What age do you have to be to play?

Any age with the desire to create and play in a ever-changing virtual world environment of square blocks.

A friend of mine gave me my Minecraft(MC) account when I complained about having to drop my monthly subscription to World of Warcraft (WoW) , I was unemployed, we were on Facebook Messenger. He said “I have something to keep your mind busy.” Then gave me the gift code for a Minecraft account.

I created my account, punched in the code and downloaded the MC launcher. When my first MCworld opened up I said “OMG it’s so pixelated!” My friend said, “That’s it’s charm.”

I said ok, I’ll give it a try, and played my first day and died, and kept dying for a while before I actually got the hang of what you do on the first day in MC to survive. What do you do in real life when lost in the woods, or somewhere, first get shelter, food and tools, etc. Same in Minecraft.

This is my first attempt to create a blog about being a retired senior female gamer playing Minecraft. The game that never ends, well, ok it does have “The End” to explore. When one gets to the point of experience, tired of exploring (never for me) and want new challenges, there are servers out there with all sorts mods that can be added to create a different experience with new challenges; Skyblock (my favorite), Arcade games, Factions, Feed the Beast, Arduous (which I haven’t been able to play yet), SkyWars. The list goes on and I know I’ve missed someone’s favorite mod flavor, write your own blog.

Best yet is that these sites are all free, though you can donate to keep the server you play on running, you don’t have to donate to the server, it’s not required to have fun. Once you pay for an account for Minecraft you need never pay another cent and… you can move from server to server if you find you want more challenge or just want to try something else. There are tons of servers out there.

I took a tour on an arcade server of it’s group games with my 9yo grandson as my guide. It was fun I have to admit. Rushing from game to game, “What do you want to play next!”  I like the Skyblock challenge. I’m still searching for that perfect Skyblock that has all the features and challenges I want.

In the future I’ll attempt to review the Skyblock servers I have play on and maybe some others. What’s it like to play on servers where the age of players can range from 6-99+ and what the environment is like for those that don’t have a clue of what it is like playing on a well maintained Minecraft server.

It's behind me isn't it... RUN!

It’s behind me!… RUN!

Minecraft Tip#1: If you hear a zzzZZZZzz do not turn around. RUN! –– it’s a Creeper they explode. 

Just keep playing…

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