Senate Select Intelligence Commission #trumprussia Follow Money & Dead Russians – Show potus Taxes

The investigation has started. Looking into collusion of Trump & his campaign with Russia to influence votes by issuing fake news using bots & human agents.

It’s a new type of warfare. Polling machines were not hacked, minds & imaginations were manipulated via fake news.

Something I learned about when in school in Florida during the Cold War/Duck&Cover/Kid Dog Tags/Where’s the Fallout Shelter days.

Amazing as that is, we learned about propaganda and how the Soviet Union put it to use. Russia under Putin has those practices still in use, modernized to weaponize information directed in undermining our Democracy.

We’re in a Cyberwar with bullies, Trump, Putin, Speaker Ryan, Bannon, Kushner, Conway, Spicer, the list is YUGE. For what? Our freedoms? The history of how and why this Nation came to be, how my childhood was shaped living in fear of bright flashing lights, loud booms and my constant panic that we could be blown to smithereens at any moment by foreign powers.

As a child I could never figure that one out, why someone we didn’t know, had never met, would decide that we should die in horrible ways. Why?

I’ve decided to go through this hearing clipping parts now & then that clarify a point for me. Now that I see that C-Span allows you to snip highlights of a long drawn out process. I’m still in part one.


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